Free HTML editor from Microsoft: Expression Web

Microsoft Expression Web is a powerful and feature-rich HTML editor from Microsoft. The first version came in 2006 as a successor to the very popular and widely spread HTML tool Microsoft FrontPage. Expression Web is aimed for more experienced web developers. It is a competitor to Adobe DreamWeaver and just like DreamWeaver it is a HTML tool that is primarily designed to develop more sophisticated websites. HTML tools can also be used to create newsletters if you have a good knowledge of HTML and you know what works for e-mail.

Download Microsoft Expression Web for free
In December 2012 stopped Microsoft with further development of Expression Web and as a result they decided to release he program for free. It is therefore possible to download it for free from Microsoft website. However, Microsoft will continue to maintain the product and release possible security updates up until 2015. The program can be downloaded through this website:
> Microsoft Expression Web 4 – Free Version

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