Upload an installation package to a server via FTP

After you have created an installation package you can get it automatically uploaded to a server on the Internet if you want. The upload is done by using the FTP protocol.
If you have enabled this functionality in Visual Installer an extended Create dialog box will be shown. A new option, Upload created installation package to the Internet, in the Create dialog box determines whether the installation should be uploaded to a server or not.
If this option is selected, the installation will be uploaded to the specified server and folder on the server after it has been created on your local hard drive.
The Create setup package dialog box
To enable this functionality you can open the Internet tab in the Setup options dialog box in Visual Installer. If you press the FTP settings button a new dialog box will be opened and in this dialog box you can specify login information and a folder on the server where the installation will be placed.

Setup options (FTP)
The FTP settings are stored per project. But if the same settings should be used, just press the Previous settings buttons in the FTP settings dialog box so will the settings you used last be retrieved.
FTP settings
If you often upload installations to Internet servers this new functionality will save time for you. If you have a fast Internet connection and your setup package is not too large in size you will almost not notice the extra time it take to upload your installation. The upload will take place immediately after it has been created on the harddisk.ont>