Registry & INI files tabs handles syntax coloring and IntelliSense

There have been several improvements to the Registry tab in the Visual Installer editor that will simplify the use of it. One new feature is that all the settings that you entered in the Registry tab can now be previewed in a graphical tree, which is described more in detail on this page. Two other big news is that syntax coloring and IntelliSense handling have been added to the tab.
Syntax coloring means that variables, commands, conditions, comments, etc. are displayed in different colors.
This will give you a better overview of what you have typed. For example, all variables will be displayed in red and all comments in green.
IntelliSense means that you will get a list of possible Visual Installer commands and variables while you write, and that you quickly and easily can choose a command or variable from the list.
If you know the first letter of the variable or the command that you want to use then you can write that letter and a list with variables and commands that start with the letter will be shown automatically. With a mouse click or by pressing the space bar this command / variable will be chosen. If you do not remember the exact spelling of a variable or command this will save a lot of time because you don't need to open the help documentation to check the spelling.
Also the INI Files tab handles syntax coloring and IntelliSense in the same way as the Registry tab.