The script editor supports now syntax coloring and IntelliSense

The script editor in Visual Installer 2010 / Professional supports now syntax coloring and IntelliSense in the same was as the Microsoft Visual Studio editor does.

Syntax Coloring means that commands, variables, comments, etc. are displayed in different colors. This will give you a better overview of what you have typed. For example, commands are shown in blue, variables are shown in red and comments are shown in green.

IntelliSense means that you'll get a list of possible Visual Installer commands and variables while you write, and that you quickly and easily can choose a command or variable from the list. If you know the first letter of the command or the variable, just write the letter and then will a list with commands and variables that begin with this letter be shown. You can chose this command / variable with a mouse click or by pressing the space bar. If you have used Visual Studio before you will be familiar with this technique.
Script editor in Visual Installer