Setup windows (background windows) are handled more easily

Updated 'Setup window' dialog boxIn Visual Installer 2012 it is easier to handle setup windows (graphical background windows) for installations. In an easy way you can choose if the graphical setup window should cover the whole screen, a part of the screen or should not be shown at all (only the setup dialog boxes should be shown for the user). You can handle this via the updated Setup window dialog box in Visual Installer's editor.

Whether you should use a setup window or not depends little of what type of product you install. A setup window will make a good first impression because this gives you the opportunity to show some impressive graphics during the installation. But if you install small utility programs or very technical programs, then maybe it is best to only show dialog boxes during the setup process.

Below we are showing three examples of how it can look like when using a full screen setup window, a setup window that covers the screen partially and when not using a setup window at all.
The setup window covers the whole screen
A setup window that covers the whole screen

The setup window covers a part of the screen
A setup window that covers a part of the screen

No setup window is used
An installation without a setup window