Automatic creation of setup packages and batch handling

With Visual Installer 2015 it is possible to create a setup package without any interaction with Visual Installer's editor's user interface. The editor will run in silent mode (invisible mode). This allows you to create setup packages from batch files and build servers.

We have added some command line parameters and switches that allow this. You can for example specify a file path to a project file (.VIP file) and a path to a build folder. You can also specify a media type for the installation package via a command line switch, if you want to use another media type than the one specified in the project file.
Below is an example of a command line that opens a project file and instructs Visual Installer to build a setup package in a specified folder. The media type is set to Internet:

VI.exe C:\MyProjects\ /BUILD /BUILDFOLDER:C:\MyCreatedSetups\Setup1 /INTERNET
Error messages are stored in log files
Errors (if such happens) can be read from log files that are created automatically during the build process. The log file is stored in a folder that you specify via a command line parameter. Use of log files is optional.
More information
More information about this function and a detailed description of all command line parameters / switches in Visual Installer 2015 is available on this tip page.
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