You can set your own default folder for your project files

You can now specify your own default folder (start folder) for your Visual Installer project files (.VIP files). Normally is the Documents\Visual Installer\My Projects folder used as a default folder for Visual Installer's project files, but now you can have your own default folder; for example D:\My VIP Projects, or whatever you want to have.

The default folder is used as a start folder when you have no project file opened in the Visual Installer editor, and want to open an existing project file (.VIP file). The start folder is opened first. Thereafter you can browse to another folder on the drive if your project file is not located in the start folder.
How to change default folder
You can set a new default folder via the Editor Options dialog box in Visual Installer. This dialog box is opened via the Special - Editor options menu option in the editor. A new default folder can be entered in the Project folder text box (in the Miscellaneous tab). See the picture to the right for an example.

When you enter a new default folder, you must enter a complete folder path, including the drive letter.
More information
More information about this new feature in Visual Installerīs editor is available in this blog post on our blog.
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