Run program automatically when Windows starts

Sometimes it can be useful to let a program run automatically when Windows starts. With our setup tool SamLogic Visual Installer it is possible to achieve this by adding a single line to the Registry tab in the Visual Installer editor.
You can choose if you want the program run automatically only the next time Windows reboots or if you want the program run automatically every time Windows starts. In the tip below we will show how to make a program run automatically the next time Windows is started.
How to run a program automatically when Windows starts:

In the step-by-step example below we will show how to make Notepad in Windows launch automatically the next time Windows starts. Follow the steps below:

1. Start Visual Installer and create a new project.

2. Open the Registry tab.

3. Type the following line in the big input box in the Registry tab:

    KEY_STARTUP_RUNONCE: Notepad =%WINDIR\Notepad.exe


4. Create a setup package via File - Create setup package.

If you run the installation and then reboot the computer, Notepad in Windows will be launched during the Windows startup process. But if you reboot the computer once again, Notepad will not be launched again. It will only be launched one time, at the first reboot.

But it is possible to make Notepad, or other program, to launch everytime Windows starts. If you use a special key with the name KEY_STARTUP_RUN instead of KEY_STARTUP_RUNONCE, like this:
KEY_STARTUP_RUN: Notepad =%WINDIR\Notepad.exe
Windows Notepad will be run everytime Windows starts.
More information
You will find more information about KEY_STARTUP_RUN and KEY_STARTUP_RUNONCE, and other special keys, in the help documentation for Visual Installer. If you have the Registry tab opened, you can press the [?] button in the button toolbar to open the section of the help documentation that covers the Registry tab. You can also open our User's Guide and jump to the Special variables, commands and keys section to read more about this topic.  

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