Tip: How to create a silent installation

With the Visual Installer setup tool it is possible to create a silent installation that runs discreetly and without any user interaction. No dialog boxes or installation windows will be shown during the setup process, only a small percent gauge is shown discreetly in one corner of the screen to show how the installation proceeds.

This functionality is very useful if you want to make it easy for end-users to run an installation with default settings. It can even be useful for administrators if they want to make installations in networks with many computers.
To create a silent installation:

1. Start Visual Installer and create / open a setup project.

2. Open the Dialog boxes tab.

3. Clear all check boxes for all the dialog boxes. No dialog box will now be shown during the setup.

4. Open the Design tab.

5. Select the Setup window menu item from the Object menu.

6. Select the No setup window option in the dialog box.

7. Close the dialog boxe and create a new installation.

Now you have a silent installation! Only the percent gauge will appear during the installation.

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