SamLogic Visual Installer - More Information

The development environment in SamLogic Visual Installer is very flexible and you have much control over how you create your installations. Below we describe some functions in the setup tool.

Large number of options for installing a file

In SamLogic Visual Installer there are a large number of options that decides how to install a file on the user's harddisk. 
You can for example choose if you want to copy a file with version check (compare version numbers) or check the date and time instead. You can choose if you want to make backup of a file before it is replaced or warn the user that the file already exists. After a file has been copied to the user's harddisk you can choose if you want to register the file in Windows Registry and choose if you want to turn on write protection for the file.
Sometimes a file can be active (in use) during an installation and can not be replaced directly. To handle this in a proper way you can set an option that informs Windows to replace the file next time the computer is restarted.
   Copy options for file
Simple to choose destination folder for a file
In Visual Installer it is simple to choose a destination folder for a file. First you select the file or files that you want to specify a destination folder for and then you use the dialog box to the right to specify the destination for these files. During the installation the files will be copied to the destination folder that you have chosen.

A large number of built-in variables can be used with the destination folder. The variables can for example be used to specify the Program Files folder, the My Documents folder, the My Pictures folder and the System folder in Windows.
  Destination folder

Global setup options

The are a large number of global options included that can be used to customize your setup program's behavior.

You can for example choose under which conditions the computer should be restarted and you can specify the filename of your installation program. You can also choose if you want to make a 32 bit installation or a 64 bit installation, or specify which version of Microsoft .NET Framework that your program requires (if your program is dependent of .NET Framework).
  Setup options
Set minimum operating system
If you have an application that requires some specific versions of Windows you can specify them in Visual Installer. You can instruct Visual Installer to cancel the installation or warn the user if the operating system is not supported. Operating system

Creating an installation program

With SamLogic Visual Installer you can create installation programs for distribution on lots of media types; for example CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives and the Internet. If you choose to create an installation for the Internet, a self-extracting installer (a single EXE file) for simplified deployment will be created.

SamLogic Visual Installer lets you also create code-signed installations. This simplifies distribution in strict environments like Windows with AppLocker. Your installations will also be protected against unauthorized modifications because Windows will immediately discover if something has been changed in the installation and warns the user.
Create setup package
How Visual Installer handles Registry