Setup wizard - Many ready-to-use setup dialog boxes included

There are many built-in setup dialog boxes in Visual Installer that can be used to create a professional setup wizard in just minutes. You just choose those setup dialog boxes that you want to use and specifiy some text, and they will be included in your installation project. You can also choose pictures for the dialog boxes; you can use your own pictures or choose one of the many built-in pictures that follows Visual Installer.
Below we show some of the setup dialog boxes that can be used in Visual Installer's setup wizard.
 Welcome dialog box    License key
Usually the first dialog box that is shown for the user:   A dialog box that asks for a license key:
The 'Welcome' setup dialog box
The 'License Key' setup dialog box
There are also other setup dialog boxes included in Visual Installer that can be used to give the user general information or information about system requirements before the installation starts.
Visual Installer has a built in license key generator that can generate license keys for your installations. The installation can not proceed until the user has entered the correct license key.
Destination folder   Destination drive
A dialog box that asks for a destination folder for the files to install:   Other option is to ask for a destination drive:
The 'Destination folder' setup dialog box
The 'Destination drive' setup dialog box
The user can browse for a destination folder or enter it directly. If the user want to check the disk space of the destination drive there is a button available for that purpose.
Instead of asking for a destination folder Visual Installer can ask for a destination drive. Some special installations requires this. You can choose if you want the setup wizard to ask for a folder or ask for a drive.
Program Group (in the Start menu)   Registration
A dialog box that asks for a program group is included:   A dialog box that asks for registration information:
The 'Program group' setup dialog box
The 'Registration' setup dialog box
The user can choose a name for the program group (sub menu) to create in Windows' Start menu during the installation. The program group will contain shortcuts to installed programs, documents, videos etc.
The setup wizard in Visual Installer can ask for a name and company during the installation. It can also ask for phone number, e-mail address and the full address of the user.
License text
A dialog box that shows a license agreement. The user must press the Yes button to continue:
The 'License information' setup dialog box
Other dialog boxes
One other useful dialog box that is included in the Visual Installer tool is the Password dialog box. This dialog box can ask for a password during the installation process. It functions like the License key dialog box described above but the text that the user enters in the text box (input field) will be replaced with asterisk characters (stars).
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