SamLogic AutoRun Creator

Creates autorun CD's / DVD's where documents and movies are opened / played automatically

The AutoRun Creator editor
SamLogic AutoRun Creator is a program that can be used to create CD's and DVD's where movies are played automatically or documents opened automatically when the disc is inserted in a drive.
Open documents and play movies automatically 
You can for example make HTML documents, PDF documents, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations open automatically when the user insert the CD or DVD in his/her drive. You can also create CD's and DVD's with MPEG, AVI, WMV movies (+ other movie formats) that is played automatically when the disc is inserted in the drive. This automatic handling will work in all Windows since Windows 95 until the newest Windows 11. The AutoRun technology in Windows is used.
The program can do more than just open / play files
With SamLogic AutoRun Creator you can also add commands to the shortcut menu for the CD/DVD drive (the menu that is shown when you right-click on the drive), specify your own icon for the CD/DVD, create disc labels that can be up to 32 characters long and add your own items / actions to the AutoPlay dialog box in Windows.

Built-in error handling
SamLogic AutoRun Creator has built-in error handling. If you for example distribute a MPEG movie and the user for some reason can not play the movie, an error message with a useful message will be displayed. If you distribute a file format that requires a document viewer that sometimes is not installed in the userīs computer (e.g. a PDF viewer) SamLogic AutoRun Creator can display an information text in a dialog box and open a page on the Internet for immediate download of the viewer (e.g. Adobe Reader).
Autorun in Windows

SamLogic AutoRun Creator uses the AutoRun technology in Windows for automatically opening documents and playing movies. All Windows versions since Windows 95 has this technology built-in. If you want to read more about this technology you can read this article.
SamLogic AutoRun Creator can also be used with a USB flash drive

SamLogic AutoRun Creator can also be used to run/open programs and documents automatically on USB flash drives if you use it together with the product SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator, that we also sell. If USB AutoRun Creator is installed in the same computer as AutoRun Creator, new functionality that handles AutoRun USB flash drives will be added to the AutoRun Creator editor. However, there is also a similar editor that follows the product SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator, but installation of that editor is optional. If you prefer you can use the AutoRun Creator editor to create AutoRun USB flash drives instead.

SamLogic AutoRun Creator is included in the SamLogic CD-Menu Creator package. SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator is a separate product that is bought separately.