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SamLogic Visual Installer - A powerful setup tool
Tip: Create an AutoRun menu for a USB flash drive
Tip: Create a self-extracting setup package
Article: Creating a setup program for Windows 7 and Vista


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In this issue of SamLogic Newsletter you can read about our setup tool SamLogic Visual Installer. With this installation tool you can create setup packages in an easy way, without any programming.

We have also included a tip for Visual Installer and a tip that shows how two other tools from us - CD-Menu Creator and USB AutoRun Creator - can co-operate. Finally we present an article that explains what to consider when creating setup packages for Windows 7 and Vista.

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Anders Persson
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Installing files can sometimes be a very complicated process, and often is the actual copying of files just the easy part. Besides that you must often update Windows Registry, add shortcuts to menus and desktops, register binary files, show graphics and text during the setup process, verify license keys, handle updates, install databases, handle different operating systems etc.

SamLogic Visual Installer
We created the setup tool SamLogic Visual Installer to make these things easy for you. We have long experience of installations in Windows environment, and we used all our knowledge when we made this tool. The tool is very intuitive and no programming is required to create setup packages. Visual Installer can create setups for all Windows since Windows 98 to Windows 7.

Distribution via CD, DVD, USB flash drive or the Internet?
With Visual Installer you can create setup packages for distribution via CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives or the Internet. You can optimize your setup program for the media type you want to use for your distribution.

Distribution of programs, documents or drawings?
Visual Installer can be used to distribute all kind of files, including programs, documents and drawings. Special functions for Office documents and AutoCAD files are included.

Can handle license keys
With Visual Installer you can handle license keys in an easy way. A special license key generator is included in the tool, but you can also specify your own license keys. During a setup, the setup program will ask for a license key and will not continue the installation before correct license key has been entered.

Built-in setup dialog boxes
There are many built-in and ready-to-use setup dialog boxes included in Visual Installer, and you can easily select those you want to use for your setup programs. You can add images and text to these dialog boxes in an easy way.

More information and evaluation
For more information about Visual Installer, visit the web page below. From there you can also download an evaluation version of the tool.

SamLogic Visual Installer - Product Page


This tip shows how to use the menu tool CD-Menu Creator to create an AutoRun menu for a USB flash drive, if you also have USB AutoRun Creator installed on the same computer. CD-Menu Creator and USB AutoRun Creator can co-operate, and this tip shows how.

Tip: How to create an AutoRun menu for a USB flash drive


The tip below describes how to create a self-extracting setup package with Visual Installer. By creating a self-extracting setup package only one file need to be distributed, which simplifies distribution via the Internet etc.

To create a self-extracting installation file:

1. Start Visual Installer
2. Create / open a setup project
3. Select the menu option File - Create setup package
4. Click on the Options button in the Create dialog box
5. Select the Internet tab in the dialog box that shows
6. Enter the name of the self-extracting installation file at Filename
7. Optional: Browse for an icon by pressing the Select button
8. Close this dialog box
9. Select the Internet option in the Create dialog box
10. Enter a destination folder at Folder
11. Click on the Create button to create a setup package

Now is self-extracting setup package, an EXE file, created in the specified folder. If you double-click on the EXE file, the installation will start.
Now is a self-extracting setup package, an EXE file, created in the specified folder. If you double-click on the EXE file via Windows Explorer, the installation will start.  
You can download a trial of Visual Installer from here.


The technical article below explains what to consider when creating setup programs that must be 100% compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Creating an installation program for Windows Vista and Windows 7


Visual Installer

Visual Installer is a tool that creates setup packages for CD, DVD, USB flash drives and the Internet.
Prices from: 129 dollar.

Read more
USB AutoRun Creator

USB AutoRun Creator is a tool that makes AutoRun for USB flash drives work again. Prices from 49 dollar.

Read more

You can order Visual Installer or USB AutoRun Creator via this order page.


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