Tip: How to insert a button in a newsletter

As an alternative to a clickable link, in MultiMailer you can also insert a clickable button in your newsletter. A button is more visible than a link and can also be more attractive in terms of design, if used correctly.

You can set the font, font size, text color and background color for a button. The width and height of the button automatically adapts to the size of the text, so that it always looks good regardless of the text size. A button works well in both a computer and a phone/tablet.

In the tip below, we show you how to insert a button in a newsletter / email document.
To insert a button in a newsletter:
1. Start MultiMailer and open the Newsletter tab.

2. Place the cursor where in the newsletter / email document you want to insert the button.

3. Select the menu item Insert - Button.

4. The following dialog box should now appear:

Insert Button dialogbox (1)

5. Enter a text for the button at Text (button). For example: "Read More".

6. Enter a web address at Web address (example:

7. Select a font and font size at Font.

8. Select a text color at Text Color.

9. Select a background color at Background Color.

10. Review the appearance of the button in the Preview window. Adjust if necessary (according to points 7-9 above). The image below shows an example of how it may look like:

Insert Button dialogbox (2)

11. Click the Insert button to insert the button into the newsletter / email document.

12. Below you can see how an inserted button may look like:
When the user clicks the button, the web address you entered at point 6 will be used and the web page at this address will be opened (in the same way as when clicking on a text link).

MultiMailer remembers all settings (eg colors and fonts) to the next time you insert a button. In this way, it will be easy for you to have a uniform look on all of your buttons.

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