Tip: Easiest way to find duplicates in a mailing list

It sometimes happens that it slips duplicate contacts into a mailing list by mistake. This means that the same e-mail address, and possibly name etc., appears several times in the list. However, it is very easy to find duplicates in a mailing list in MultiMailer. As well as removing them. Below we will show how.
How to find duplicates in a mailing list in the easiest possible way:

If you select the menu option Edit - Select Duplicates in MultiMailer:

Edit - Select Duplicates

or press the F8 key, MultiMailer will mark all duplicates in the mailing list:

Mailing List - Duplicates (1)

MultiMailer will mark the duplicates in two different ways. First with two (or more) arrows to the left of the duplicates. But also by highlighting every row with each extra occurrence of the contact. See the picture above.

This allows you to quickly delete all duplicates in a mailing list. After you have reviewed the duplicates in the mailing list, you just need to press the Delete key, and you will get rid of all extra occurrences of the contacts with just one click!
When you mark duplicates using the method described above, MultiMailer always leaves the first occurrence of the email address in a duplicate group unmarked. So when you press Delete, all occurrences of the email address are deleted except for the first one. This is a very fast way to remove duplicates from the mailing list.
The arrows that appear to the left of the contacts are also useful, as they allow you to see which contacts are duplicates even if you manually select a contact in the list or scroll up or down in the list with the keyboard. The image below shows how it might look:

Mailing List - Duplicates (2)

If you want to review manually and decide for yourself which extra occurrence should be deleted, you only need to select the contact that you want to be deleted and delete it.

At the bottom left of the editor window (in the status line) you will see how many duplicates there are currently in the mailing list:

Mailing List - Three duplicates

If you have removed the selections (intentionally or accidentally) and quickly want all duplicates to be selected again, you only need to press the F8 key again.

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