Tip: How to insert a title

This tip shows how to insert a main title and a section title in a newsletter.

Although you can create these titles just by changing the font name, font size and text color in the basic text; inserting titles via this function offers some advantages:

1. If you upload a web copy of the newsletter to the Internet, titles created in this way will be given extra weight in search engines and will be found easier.

2. Different types of screen reader programs (such as JAWS) can more easily distinguish between a title and regular text in the newsletter.

We explain why there is a difference on this information page. Below you will find the tip itself:
To insert a main title:
1. Start MultiMailer and open the Newsletter tab.

2. Place the cursor where in the newsletter / email document you want to insert the main title.

3. Select the menu item Insert - Title.

4. The following dialog box should now appear:

Insert Title dialogbox (1)

5. Enter a title text at the Text (title) text box.

6. Select Main title at Type.

7. Choose a font name and font size at Font.

8. Under Style, you can put the title in bold or italics if you want.

9. Under Text Color, you can choose a text color for the title.

10. Below is an example of how it may look like in the dialog box after the changes above:

Insert Title dialogbox (2)

11. Click the Insert button to insert the title into the email document.

12. Below is an example of how it may look like when the main title has been inserted into the newsletter:

MultiMailer with a text title

If you want to insert a section title, follow the steps above, but with the following changes:

- At point 2, place the cursor where you want your section title.
- At point 6, select Section title instead of Main title.

Below you will find some general tips that may be useful to know:
General tips

This is how you know if a text is a title or regular text
If you are unsure whether a certain text is a title or plain text, then you can place the cursor somewhere in the text. If it is a title, then the text "Title" will appear in the bottom right of MultiMailer's status bar. If it is blank there or other text is displayed by the status line, then it is not a title but plain text.

You can either update an existing text or insert a new text
You can insert a title in two different ways. Either you select an existing text and select the menu option Insert - Title. Then the selected text will be converted to a title. Or you insert a completely new text at the cursor position (also via the menu option Insert - Title).

If you need to change formatting
If you need to change the formatting (for example the font) for a title, we recommend you to replace it with a new title (via Insert - Title) with the new formatting.

If you want a blank line above and below the title
If you want an empty line above or below the title, you can - as usual - press Enter to insert a line break.
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