Tip: How to attach your own icon to a file

Normally when a shortcut is created for a program file, document, video etc. in Windows, the file's default icon is used. But if you want to use another icon for a file, it is possible to do this with the SamLogic Visual Installer installation tool.

You can change icon for all types of files; for example applications, Word documents, PDF documents, Excel sheets, MPEG videos etc. The tip below shows how to specify your own icon for a file that will be installed in a computer.
How to attach your own icon to a file:
1. Start Visual Installer and open an installation project, or create a new project.
2. Select the Add - Add files menu item from the List menu:
List - Add - Add files
3. Add the icon file (.ICO file) that you want to use to the file list.
4. Select the file in the file list that you want specify a new icon for.
5. Select the Shortcut (icon) menu item from the List menu:
List - Shortcut (icon)
6. The Shortcut (icon) dialog box is now shown. It looks like:
The 'Shortcut (icon)' dialog box 
7. Enter a description of the file in the Description text box
8. Specify the folder that the icon will be installed to in the External icon file text box. This is the destination folder in the file list for the icon file. It must be the exactly same folder path. The dialog box will now look similar to this:
The 'Shortcut (icon)' dialog box - With data
9. Close the dialog and create a new installation

During the installation the icon will be added to the Program menu in Windows, as a part of a shortcut for the file. You can also place the icon in other parts of Windows. If you press the Options button in the Shortcut (icon) dialog box you will see some additional options, that you can use to specify where in Windows to put the icon. See the tip described below for more details:
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