Tip: How to create a desktop shortcut

In the SamLogic Visual Installer installation tool there is a built-in function to create shortcuts for files, for example shortcuts for applications, documents, and videos. You can choose to add shortcuts to the desktop, to the Program menu, to the root level of the Program menu, or to the Start menu.

This function is very useful if you want to make it easy for end-users to start your program, open your document, or view your video after an installation. In the step-by-step tip below, we will describe how to set Visual Installer to create a desktop shortcut for a file during an installation. An icon will be placed on Windows desktop, and when the end-user double-clicks on the icon the file is opened.
How to create a desktop shortcut:
1. Start Visual Installer and open an installation project, or create a new project.
2. Select the file in the file list that you want to create a shortcut for.
3. Select the Shortcut (icon) menu item from the List menu:
List - Shortcut (icon)
4. The Shortcut (icon) dialog box is now shown. It looks like:
The 'Shortcut (icon)' dialog box
5. Enter a description for the shortcut in the Description text box.
6. Click the Options button. The following dialog box is now shown:
The 'Options for shortcut (icon)' dialog box
7. Select the Create shortcut on the desktop also option in the dialog box.
8. Close the dialog boxes and create a new installation.

When you run the installation, a shortcut (clickable icon) that is linked to the file will be created on the Windows desktop. When a user double-clicks on the shortcut, the file is opened.
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Instead of using a file's default icon you can attach your own icon to the file. The tip below shows how to achieve this:
How to attach your own icon to a file

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