Tip: Create installations in different languages

Nowadays it is common to have localized applications (applications in local languages) and in these cases also the installer should be localized (using the same language). With our installation tool SamLogic Visual Installer you can create localized setup packages in an easy way by using language files.
An English and German language file is included, but you can create your own language files in an easy way. A language file is a text file (with the filename extension .LNG) that contains all standard texts and messages that are shown during an installation, and in the tip below we will show how to create your own a language file.
How to create a language file
Below we will show you how to create a new language file in the Visual Installer editor:
1. Start Visual Installer.
2. Select the Language menu item from the Special menu.
3. Click the Add language button in the dialog box that is shown.
4. Enter a name of the language file in the Filename text box in the new dialog box that is shown.
The 'New language file' dialog box

5. Click OK to close the dialog box. A new language should now have been added to the list:
The 'Language' dialog box

You have now created a new language file. To change the text in a language file, select the language file in the list and click on the Edit text button. The language file will now be opened in a text editor, usually in Notepad. You can now edit the text in the language file. When you have done the changes you want, save the file with current filename and folder location. Thereafter, if you want to use the created language file to your current installation project, select the language file in the list and click on the Select button in the Language dialog box.
More details
You will find more information about language files on this page. There we will explain how a language file is formated and where on your hard disk you can find Visual Installer's language files. This information can be useful if you want to edit them directly, for example using your favorite text editor or word processor.
Some texts are stored directly in the project file and are not changed when you change language as described above. This is include some texts in dialog boxes. How to change these kind of texts are described in
this tip.

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