Tip: How to write to the Windows Registry

In the Visual Installer setup tool there is a tab in the editor that is used to specify keys and values that should be stored in the Windows Registry during an installation. The name of the tab is Registry and in this step-by-step tip we will show you how to use the Registry tab to store information in Windows Registry. We will show how to create a key and store a value in the Registry.

The tip interacts with a CD-Menu Creator tip
This tip interacts with the How to create a menu that is opened only once tip; a tip for the menu designer tool CD-Menu Creator. In the CD-Menu Creator tip we show how to prevent a menu from appearing in the future by letting the menu program examine a key and value in Registry. If the key and value is found, the menu will not be shown anymore.

This Visual Installer tip will show you how Visual Installer can be used to store the key and value (that is read by CD-Menu Creator) in the Registry. After you have run the example setup, the menu created with CD-Menu Creator will not be shown anymore.
How to write a key and a value to the Windows Registry:
1. Start Visual Installer and create a new installation project.
2. Open the Registry tab.
3. Click on the Add button in the bottom left of the editor window:

The 'Registry' tab and the 'Add' button

4. The Add Registry key or value dialog box is now shown:

The 'Add Registry key or value' dialog box

5. Choose the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE root key in the HKEY drop-down box.

5. Enter the text "Software\SamLogic\NoMenus" in the Sub key text box.

6. Enter the text "Program1" in the Name text box.

7. Enter "DoNotShowProgram1" in the Data text box. The dialog box should now look like:

The 'Add Registry key or value' dialog box - With data

8. Close the dialog box by pressing the OK button. The following line will be added to the text editor in the Registry tab:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SamLogic\NoMenus :: Program1="DoNotShowProgram1"
See also this picture:
The 'Registry' tab - With a line with data
9. Now create an installation by choosing the File - Create setup package menu item.

If you want to test the co-operation with the CD-Menu Creator tip, you can first follow the CD-Menu Creator tip and insert the CD/DVD with the menu in your drive. The menu should be shown. Then you run the setup package created above. The menu should not be shown anymore.

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