FAQ - General Questions

Is there a way to prevent that people who donīt want e-mails get it by mistake?
Yes, there is a built-in function in MultiMailer that allows you to permanent or temporary prevent contacts from receiving e-mails from you. Via the File - Exclusion Lists menu item you can add those e-mail addresses that you want to exclude from further mailings. E-mail addresses that are in an exclusion list will not receive e-mails during a mail delivery. In the Professional version of MultiMailer e-mail addresses can be blocked automatically, if the user unsubscribes an e-mail address.
What happens if you send a mail to an incorrect or non-existing e-mail address?
MultiMailer never interrupts a mail delivery process if an invalid or non-existing e-mail address is found in the mailing list during the e-mail delivery. The program automatically skips the incorrect address and goes directly to the next in list, throughout the whole mailing list. All invalid / non-existing e-mail addresses are noticed and you can easily remove them from your mailing list, or correct them.
We have lots of customers in other countries. Is there a way to assure that they get their mail within their office time?
With MultiMailer you can control the date and time when an e-mail delivery will begin. This function is activated via the Mailing - Schedule Send menu item. Set date and time in the dialog box that is shown, and the mailing will start at the specified date and time.

Do you need to know the basics in HTML to be able to use MultiMailer?
No, you use a word-processsor-like editor when you create and edit your e-mail messages so no knowledge in HTML is necessary. However, if you want to use your favorite HTML editor SamLogic MultiMailer can co-operate with it in an easy way. SamLogic MultiMailer is compatible with the most common HTML editors on the market, including Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver. You can also use Microsoft Word to create your e-mails.
There is also a powerful newsletter wizard included in MultiMailer that lets you design an e-mail template, that you can use as a basis for your e-mail messages.

In ordinary e-mail clients you can use CC and BCC to send copies of mails to other receivers, why is that not recommended?
If you use the CC (Carbon Copy) function in a circular, all recipients can see who else that got your e-mail and also use the mail addresses for own purposes if they want. If you use MultiMailer, only the receiver's e-mail address will be stored in the e-mail message. Another contacts e-mail addresses are never included in the message.
If you use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) function, the recipients e-mail address will not be shown in the "TO" field for the message. Instead the "TO" field will contain another unfamiliar e-mail address and this look quite bad. If you are using BCC your mail also looses its personality and as a result of that it may not be read by the receiver, or regarded as a spam mail, either by the recipient or by an anti-spam software.

What defines a "personal" written e-mail?
With the expression "personal" we mean that the content in every e-mail message is adapted for the specified receiver (e-mail contact). Every e-mail has something that is unique for just this person in the mailing list. A simple example is to use a personal greeting in each mail like "Hi Greg!" or "To Lisa Smith". But also more advanced sentences can be included; you can for example have a personal first sentence in every e-mail message or include individual prices in every message sent out.

What is the most important advantage when creating personal e-mail letters?
The biggest advantage is that more e-mails will be read. Because it is addressed directly to the receiver and has a personal touch, the receiver takes time to actually read it.

Is SamLogic MultiMailer a spam program?
Sometimes this question is asked to us and our answer is: no, it is not. This program is meant to be a tool to send personalized information or commercial messages to people who wish to have it. This program is developed only for that purpose. Our experience shows us that junk mail or unwanted commercial doesn’t have any effect because people normally delete them, and block the sender. The key to success with commercial e-mails is to create information that the reader is interested in. It needs to be interesting, personal, and the reader needs to actually have asked for it.

Can MultiMailer handle unsubscribe requests?
Yes. It is important to let readers unsubscribe if they wish. MultiMailer have therefore powerful functions to handle unsubscribe requests from contacts. A web form that handles unsubscribes in 7 languages is included, and the MultiMailer program can automatically collect the unsubscribed e-mail addresses and block the e-mail addresses from having more e-mails.

Can MultiMailer handle e-mail bounces?
Yes. It is inevitable that e-mail messages bounces back sometimes, and MultiMailer have built-in functions to handle e-mail bounces. MultiMailer can determine if a bounce is soft (temporary) or hard (permanent). If an e-mail bounces too many times MultiMailer can prevent that more e-mails are sent to the e-mail address.
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