How to connect a keyboard and mouse to a tablet

It is possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to a tablet computer. The tablet will then function like a small laptop computer. And if you use a remote access software like TeamViewer to remotely run applications that are installed on a desktop computer or laptop computer, you will get access to the same computing power as in a real computer from your tablet computer.
How to connect a keyboard to a tablet
It is possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to a tablet computer. You can first check if the manufacturer of your tablet computer has keyboard adapted for your tablet. If they have not you can use a general keyboard. We recommend you to use a keyboard that supports BlueTooth. A USB keyboard can generally also be used with a tablet computer, but a BlueTooth keyboard are very smooth to use because they are very easy to connect and no cable is needed.
How to connect a mouse to a tablet
You can also connect a mouse to your tablet computer. When you attach a mouse to a tablet, a mouse pointer is automatically shown. The mouse can be used with the apps that follows the table computer, but also when you remotely run applications on external computers.
If you want to use a mouse with your tablet we recommend you to use BlueTooth mouse, but a USB mouse can also be used. If you want to use a USB mouse and connect it directly to the tablet, you must use a mouse with a Micro-USB connector. Other option is to use a Micro-USB adapter if your mouse does not support Micro-USB.
Docking station
Besides a keyboard and mouse you can also buy a docking station to a tablet computer. The docking station will help you to have the tablet's display in a proper angle so the text will be easy to read. Another benefit with a docking station is that they generally have support for many USB ports. This will make it easy for you to connect both a USB keyboard and USB mouse to your tablet. The USB ports are generally of normal size (same size as in laptop and desktop computers) so no Micro-USB adapters are needed. If you have an old keyboard and mouse you can just plug it in.
You can also use a USB hub
If you have a USB keyboard and a USB mouse but no docking station, and only one USB port on your tablet computer, you can use a USB hub to connect your keyboard and mouse to the tablet. Just make sure that the contact that will be plugged into the tablet is in the Micro-USB format.

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