Who of your contacts have clicked on links in your newsletter?

All contacts that have clicked on one or more links in your newsletter will be marked with a special symbol.There are many powerful functions in MultiMailer to make analysis of e-mail campaigns, and one of the most useful is the ability to show who of your contacts have clicked on the links in your newsletter, and which links in the newsletter they have clicked on.
All contacts that have clicked on one or more links in your newsletter will be marked with a special symbol ( ) in the program's mailing list (contact list). The picture to the right shows how it may look like. If you right-click on a contact with this symbol a local menu is shown, and via this menu you can open a list that shows which links in your newsletter the contact have clicked on.

Easy to follow-up
It is easy to select those contacts in the mailing list that have clicked on links. Thereafter, you can for example export them to another program (for example to Microsoft Excel, a CRM system, a database etc.), or send them a new e-mail. A contact who clicks on a particular link has shown that they are genuinely interested in your product or information, so this is a great opportunity to create a sale. The key to success is to provide the right information at the right time, and MultiMailer gives you the tools to find that right moment.

Statistics on clicked links
In MultiMailer you can get statistics on clicked links. You can see how many of your newsletters that get at least one click on a link, and you can see how many clicks each link get. This information can be exported, or you can view the information directly in the program. When you view the information in the program, you can for example view it as a chart (diagram). On this page you will find an example of a pie chart that shows the number of clicks a specific newsletter got.

Summary report
It is also possible to create a summary report (overview report) that shows how a newsletter campaign / e-mail campaign have proceeded. The report shows for example information about opened newsletters and clicked links. The information about clicked links is very detailed in the report, and shows for example how many clicks each link got and who of your contacts that clicked on each link in your newsletter.

A detailed summary report can be created from MultiMailer.
The report is saved in file format that is compatible with Microsoft Excel, and can be opened with Microsoft Excel 2002 to 2013 (or compatible software).
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