How to import contact information from Excel

Excel - LogotypeIn MultiMailer it is possible to import data directly from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The tip below shows how to import contact information from Excel to MultiMailer.

This import function is good to use if there is a lot of contact information to be loaded into MultiMailer's mailing list. If there is little contact information to handle (for example only email addresses), it is easier to copy contact information via the Windows clipboard.
To import contact information from Microsoft Excel:
1. Start MultiMailer (and close the start window if it appears).

2. Select the menu item File - Import & Export - Import to Mailing List.

Menu - Import & Export

3. Select the "Import from Microsoft Excel" option in the dialog box that appears and click Next.

Import Data - Microsoft Excel

4. Select an Excel file of the type .xls or .xlsx by clicking on the Select File button.

Import Wizard - Excel - Step 1

5. Click Next.

6. Select which fields / columns in Excel should be imported to MultiMailer in the dialog box that now appears. The most common fields are automatically matched, but if additional fields need to be selected, you can do it manually.

Import Wizard - Excel - Step 2
Under Field in the Excel file, select a field in the Excel sheet and under Field in MultiMailer, select the corresponding field in MultiMailer. If a specific field in the mailing list is not to be imported, you can select the option "<No field>".
7. Click the Do Import button to start the import.

8. Now data in the Excel file is imported to MultiMailer's mailing list. When the import is complete, an information box is displayed that reports the number of records that have been imported.
For the import to take place smoothly, the data must be in a standardized way in the spreadsheet. The first row should contain titles for the fields and the first column should contain the first field. Example:

The Excel sheet should also be as "clean" as possible and only contain data. Formatting (colors, graphics, etc.) should be kept to a minimum. Also try to avoid Excel sheets with macros etc.

MultiMailer can import both .XLS and .XLSX files. However, the .XLS format requires that you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.
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