How to import contact information from a text file

To import contact information (email addresses, names, addresses, etc.) from an importable text file to MultiMailer's mailing list, follow the tip below:
To import contact information from a text file:
1. Start MultiMailer (and close the start window if it appears).

2. Select the menu item File - Import & Export - Import to Mailing List.

Menu - Import & Export

3. Select the "Import from text file" option in the dialog box that appears and click Next.

Import Data - Text file

4. Select an text file to import data from by clicking on the Select File button.

Import Wizard - Text file - Step 1

5. Select a field separator.

6. Click Next.

7. A new step in the import wizard is displayed. Here you can specify certain settings for the import, for example whether the contact details in the text file should be formatted when they are loaded or whether duplicates should be eliminated.

Import Wizard - Text file - Step 2

8. Click Next.

9. The last step of the import wizard is now displayed. Here you pair each field in the text file with a field in MultiMailer's mailing list. Under Field in the import file, select a field in the import file and under Field in MultiMailer, select the corresponding field in MultiMailer. If a specific field in the mailing list is not to be imported, you can select the option "<No field>" in the list.

Import Wizard - Text file - Step 3

10. When you have paired all the fields, then press the Do Import button. All contact information from the text file is then imported into MultiMailer's mailing list.

In an importable text file, all data must be in a certain way. The format is standardized and usually all entries are separated by a line break character and all fields are separated by a semicolon or a tab character.
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