Tip: How to set priority for emails in MultiMailer

It is possible to set the priority for emails that you send with MultiMailer. You can choose between Normal and High priority. Setting an email to high priority is a way to ensure that the recipient pays attention to your email among the other emails in the recipient's inbox.

Priority (symbol)Which priority should you choose?
For regular newsletters, you should always choose the Normal priority setting. Using the High priority setting for regular newsletters can be perceived as spam and should be avoided. High priority should only be used with information that is importand for the receiver and when the receiver must not miss your email. Some areas of use are: sending login details, meeting confirmations, agreements, quotes, receipts, invoices, etc.

Priority in MultiMailer
The tips below show how to activate the setting for priority in MultiMailer and how to choose the priority for an individual email document.
How to activate the priority setting in MultiMailer:
Before you can set the priority for email, you must activate the setting for this. The tip below describes how to do it.

1. Start MultiMailer.

2. Select the menu option Options - Options in MultiMailer.

3. On the General tab of the Options dialog box, check the option Show option to change priority for an e-mail message.

4. Click OK to save the setting.

Now the priority function in MultiMailer has been activated. You can see this in the editor by looking at the upper right part of editor window (to the right of the Subject text box). There should now be a combo box named Priority:

How to change priority:
The tip below describes how to change priority for an e-mail message.

1. Start MultiMailer (if it is not already running).

2. Select or create a newsletter and open the correct mailing list.

3. Select priority via the Priority combo box on the right. Choose between Normal and High:

Priority - Normal or High

4. If everything is ready for e-mail delivery, you can now start the e-mail deliverey wizard in MultiMailer (for example by pressing F6).

5. Step through to the wizard until you reach the last step in the wizard. If you have chosen high priority, it should be clearly visible there. See the picture below:

E-mail deliverey wizard

If there is no text about priority there, then normal priority is used.

6. Now start the mailing.

Now the emails will be sent with your chosen priority. If you have chosen high priority, the recipient's e-mail program will alert readers to this in various ways. In e.g. Microsoft Outlook, a red exclamation point appears next to the email.
Note that the next time you start MultiMailer, the priority setting will always be Normal. The same applies if you choose a new newsletter or open an existing newsletter. This is to avoid accidentally sending out high-priority emails.
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