Tip: How to see which contacts opened a newsletter

In MultiMailer you can see which contacts that opened the newsletter / e-mail that you sent. You can also see who clicked on links in the newsletter / e-mail. The tip below shows how to do it:
To see which contacts opened a newsletter:
1. Start MultiMailer and open the Statistics tab.

2. Click the Update button on the button bar to ensure that MultiMailer has downloaded the very latest statistics information from our server.

3. Select a newsletter / e-mail in the list in the Statistics tab.

4. Open the Statistics menu in the menu bar.

5. Choose the Show Contacts That Have Opened This Newsletter menu item.

6. The following dialog box will now be shown:

Group Contacts dialogbox

7. If you want to have the contacts that have opened or clicked in your newsletter grouped, select the option in the dialog box.

8. Click the Continue button.

9. The Mailing List tab in MultiMailer will now be opened.

10. In the mailing list, each contact that have opened the newsletter or clicked on at least one link in the newsletter, will get a special symbol to the left. For an example, see the picture below:

Mailing List with symbols
Below is an explanation to the symbols in the mailing list (in the picture above):
Clicked   The contact has opened the newsletter and clicked on at least one link.
Opened   The contact has opened the newsletter but not clicked on any link.
Sent   The mail was sent to this contact, but he/she has not opened it or clicked on any link.
In point 4 above, instead of going via the Statistics menu, you can also right-click over a newsletter and choose the Show Who Have Opened This Newsletter option in the local menu that is shown. Another way to open this dialog box is to select the newsletter in the list and then click on the Button button in MultiMailer's button row.
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