Tip: How to insert a table in MultiMailer

In MultiMailer, you can insert and edit tables with any number of rows and columns. You can also specify colors, width and other properties for the tables. In the tips below, we show you how to insert a table into a newsletter/document in MultiMailer.

A tip showing how to edit an existing table can be found on this tip page.
To insert a table in MultiMailer:
1. Start MultiMailer.

2. Create a new newsletter or open an existing one.

3. Place the text cursor where you want the table in the newsletter.

4. Select the Table menu item from the Insert menu. The dialog box below should now appear:

Insert Table

5. Now enter the number of rows and columns, as well as other properties, for the table you want to insert.

6. Click the Insert Table button.

7. Now a table should be created at the position of the cursor in the document. Example:


The table above contains 3 rows and 3 columns. The background color is light gray and the frame color is dark gray.

This is how you change a table's properties afterwards
If you want to change a table's properties afterwards, for example change the number of rows or columns, or change colors, it is easy to do so. In the following tips, we'll show you how to change a table's properties after it's been created:
How to edit a table in MultiMailer
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How to change text alignment for a cell in a table
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