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TeamViewerSometimes, when you are out and about, you probably would like to be able to access your computer remotely. A remote control program can make this possible for you. There is an outstanding remote control program of high quality, widely used all over the world, that allows you to remotely access you computer. The name of the remote control program is TeamViewer, and one big advantage of TeamViewer is that it basically works on all types of devices available on the market today. You can run it on your desktop computer, your laptop computer, your tablet computer, or even on your smartphone. Additionally, TeamViewer works on both Windows, Android, Linux, iOS and Mac OS X, no matter what operating system you use. Last but not least, with TeamViewer you can access your computer whether you are on the other side of the globe or just in the next room - the distance is not an issue!
TeamViewer opens up new possibilities
The very fact that TeamViewer works on any type of device opens a whole new world of possibilities. Among other things, it allows you to use a full-fledged Windows application on an iPad, an Android tablet or a Windows RT tablet. Your tablet works as a terminal that remotely controls the Windows application installed on your computer. Your computer’s screen appears on your tablet’s screen where you can access it and control it. Your can learn more in this article. The following video provides you with a quick demonstration of how it works:

You can connect both a keyboard and a mouse to your tablet. A smooth and easy way is to use a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and a wireless Bluetooth mouse. However, even a regular keyboard and a standard mouse with USB cables work fine. With a keyboard and a mouse connected, you practically turn your tablet into a small laptop. You can read more in this article.
A free version of TeamViewer is available
Free version available
TeamViewer is available both as a free version and a paid version. Home users can use TeamViewer for free but companies that plan to use the software commercially need to obtain a paid license. Additionally to remote access, TeamViewer can also be used for online meetings, presentations and professional training.
You can download TeamViewer from this download page:
TeamViewer Download Page
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