Tip: How to add a shortcut to a program file

In the Getting Started with Visual Installer tip we showed how to create a basic setup project that contains one program file and one text file. If you install a program file, you probably want to create a shortcut (icon) that is linked to the file. When a user clicks on the icon, the program file is run.

This is very easy done in Visual Installer, and the following step-by-step tip will show you how to add a shortcut to a program file in the file list. When the setup package is run, the shortcut will be added to the Program menu in Windows.
How to add a shortcut to a program:
1. Start Visual Installer.

2. Open an installation project; for example the project created in the Getting Started tip.
 Or create a new project.
3. Select a program file in the file list.
4. Select the Shortcut (icon) menu item from the List menu:
Menu - List - Shortcut (icon)

5. The Shortcut (icon) dialog box is now shown. It looks like:
The 'Shortcut (icon)' dialog box

6. Enter a description for the shortcut in the Description text box. For example: "My Application":

The 'Shortcut (icon)' dialog box - With a description
6. Click OK to close the dialog box.

That's all you need to do! When you run the installation, a menu with the same name as the project name will be created in Windows. In this menu you will find a shortcut (icon) and the description that you entered above. It will look similar to this:

Windows Program menu

Using the same name for the menu as the project name is optional. If you want to use another name, you can open the Program group / menu item in the List menu, and enter another menu name.
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