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In the following pages we will show how to create a basic installation project with our easy-to-use setup tool SamLogic Visual Installer. We will show how to start a new project, how to choose a main destination folder for your installation, how to add files and how to specify texts for the installation dialog boxes. We will also show how to save a project and how to build (compile) a setup package.
This tip is also available as a video.
Getting Started With Visual Installer contains the following 5 tip pages which helps you getting started with Visual Installer:
1 - Choose a basic project type
2 - Enter a project name and specify a main destination folder
3 - Select which files to install
4 - Add text to setup dialog boxes
5 - Saving a project and building a setup package
Choose a basic project type
1. Start Visual Installer.
2. The Choose Project dialog box will be shown automatically when Visual Installer starts. Click on the New Project link:
Choose Project
(if you are already running Visual Installer you can open the File menu and select New project instead, read more)

3. The New Project dialog box is now shown. Click on the Internet option in this dialog box:
New Project
4. And now uncheck the Use a graphical setup screen in the background option and check the Use Windows Installer type dialog boxes in the setup program option:
New Project
5. Thereafter, click on the New Project button.
  You have now set some basic settings that informs Visual Installer that you want to make an installation project for distribution via the Internet and that you want to use setup dialog boxes of Windows Installer type, and that you do not want to show a background window (setup screen) behind the setup dialog boxes.
The File list tab of Visual Installer is now shown:
Visual Installer - The 'File list' tab
On the next page we will show how to enter a project name and how to choose a main destination folder for the installation project. Click on the Next Page link below to continue.
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