SamLogic Visual Installer - Frequently Asked Questions - 2

Below you find more frequently asked questions and answers about Visual Installer. All questions and answers are about functions in the program. The first FAQ page about Visual Installer (including general questions) is available on this page.
Functions in the program

Can Visual Installer create a single executable file for distribution?
Yes. It can. Read more in this tip.
Can I install an Access database and Access runtime with Visual Installer?
Yes. It is possible. Visual Installer can install both Access databases and Access runtime files. How to install Access runtime files is explained in this tip.
Can Visual Installer create an installation for a VB6 program?
Yes. Visual Installer can import a VB6 project file and create an installation package based on that. See this tip for details.
Can Visual Installer create an installation for a VB.NET or C# application?
Yes. It can. Both VB.NET and C# are supported. See our tip pages for VB.NET and C# for details.
Can Visual Installer check that a specific version of .NET Framework is installed?

Yes. Visual Installer can check that the required version of .NET Framework is installed, and if not, download the missing version.
Can Visual Installer install 64 bit applications?
Yes. It can. Visual Installer can also mix 32 bit and 64 bit files in the same installation and install the files in the proper folders based of their bitness. See this tip for more information.
Can Visual Installer install an Excel Add-In?

Yes. It can. It is very easy also. See this tip for details.
I have Office tools that I only want to have installed if the user has Office intalled in the computer. Can Visual Installer handle this?

Yes. Visual Installer can check if Microsoft Office is installed in the computer and handle the situation in different ways if Office is not installed. For example, Visual Installer can skip the installation of the Office specific files, or warn or stop the installation if Office is not installed. We explain more in this blog post.
I have heard that Visual Installer supports AutoCAD. In what way?
How Visual Installer supports AutoCAD is explained in this blog post
Can Visual Installer handle different languages in the user interface?
Yes. You can store your language specific texts in language files and choose which language you want to use for a specific installation. For more detailed information, see this page.
Can Visual Installer install fonts?
Yes. It can. See this blog post for details.
Can Visual Installer code sign an installation?
Yes. Visual Installer can code sign (digitally sign) an installation package. Both standard certificates and EV certificates are supported. See this tip for details.