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It is very easy to create and send e-mail newsletters with the newsletter tool SamLogic MultiMailer. HTML messages are created in a visual word-processor-like editor, so no experience or knowledge of HTML scripting is necessary. The built-in newsletter wizard helps you to create a basic template, that you thereafter can adapt to your needs. Handling of mailing lists is also very easy in the program, and the status and statistics functions give you very detailed information about your e-mail campaigns. E-mail bounces and subscribe/unsubscribe requests from customers can be handled in a nearly automatic way.

Create HTML or Text newsletters

With SamLogic MultiMailer you can create impressive HTML newsletters or plain text newsletters. HTML newsletters may include pictures, lists, tables, colors, fonts etc. It is also possible to include sound, for example music, in HTML newsletters!
You can insert data fields in the message. Data to the fields are read from the built-in database. The data fields will give you the possibility to create personalized e-mail messages. You can for example start the message with a greeting and a name (like "Hi John Smith!"). Data fields can be used both in the subject field and in the body text.
You can also include attachments with your e-mail messages, for example PDF files.
  Newsletter tab in MultiMailer - Here you can design your newsletters
Mailing list management
SamLogic MultiMailer contains a built-in database that is used to manage your mailing lists. E-mail addresses and other contact information can be imported from other programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Oracle etc., or added directly in the program.
You have great possibilities to filter and select recipients in the mailing list. You can send to all recipients, to selected recipients or to specified categories of contacts. This gives you a possibility to create highly targeted e-mail campaigns.
To prevent sending same newsletter more than once to same recipient, duplicates can be removed. The program can also handle unsubscribe requests and block specific e-mail addresses from having more e-mails.
  Mailing list tab in MultiMailer - Here you can manage your contacts

E-mail delivery status

The status tab in SamLogic MultiMailer gives you continuing information about the e-mail delivery process. The status tab shows a detailed list about which messages has been sent and which have been aborted due to errors. This information is also stored in a log file for following-up and maintenance.

SamLogic MultiMailer always tries to process as many e-mail addresses as possible from the mailing list, and never stops sending in case of an error in an e-mail address. Sometimes an error can be temporary and it is easy to resend to e-mail addresses that had temporary errors.
  Status (Sent messages) tab in MultiMailer - Here you can get information about the current e-mail delivery process


In the statistics tab in MultiMailer you will find detailed information about all your mailings. You can for example see the e-mail delivery date, number of e-mails that was sent, which mailing list that was used etc.
You can also see how many newsletters that was opened by your recipients, and who of the recipients that opened the newsletters. You can also see who clicked on the links in the newsletter, and which links they clicked on. More information about these powerful statistics functions is available on this page.

From the statistics tab you can also open previous newsletters and mailing lists in an easy way.
Statistics tab in MultiMailer - Here you can get detailed statistics about your e-mail campaigns 

Handling of e-mail bounces

If you send e-mails frequently, it is inevitable that some of the e-mails will bounce back. The reason can be that the contact has changed his/her e-mail address, the e-mail address was incorrect from the beginning, the mail server is down or the recipient's mail box is full. The Professional version of MultiMailer has powerful functions to handle e-mail bounces and can give you a detailed report of which contacts that generated the bounces. The program can also block bouncing e-mail addresses from having more e-mails, so you don't need to send out more e-mails than necessary.

You can read more about MultiMailer's handling of e-mail bounces on this page.
  Bounces tab in MultiMailer - Here you can handle e-mail bounces

Handling of subscribe & unsubscribe requests

Contact lists that contain e-mail addresses are constantly changing. New subscribers appear almost every day and other want to unsubscribe the newsletter for some reason. It can be time-consuming to handle this manually, and it is easy to make mistakes. For that reason there is built-in support for handling of subscribe and unsubscribe requests in MultiMailer.

The program co-operates with web forms that can be used to collect subscribe and unsubscribe requests. Web forms for change of e-mail adddresses in also included.

More information about MultiMailer's handling of subscribe and unsubscribe requests is available on this page.
Subscribe / Unsubscribe tab in MultiMailer - Here you can handle subscribe / unsubscribe requests from customers 


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