SamLogic MultiMailer 2022 - Newsletter Examples

With SamLogic MultiMailer you can design and create many types of newsletters, which can be used for various purposes. Also other types of e-mails can be created and sent out, for example e-cards. Below we show you some examples. Click on the link below a picture to see the full newsletter. The newsletter will be opened in a new window.
Newsletter - Travel / Airline Company   Newsletter - Beauty Salon
Newsletter - Travel / Airline Company
MultiMailer can be used to send out promotions that are packaged in a neat and professional manner. The example below shows a newsletter for a travel / airline company:
Newsletter - FlyWay - Travel / Airline Company
Newsletter - Beauty Salon
The example below (click on the link) shows a newsletter for a beauty salon. By combining text with images in an attractive way, more recipients will read the newsletter:
Newsletter - Beauty Salon
Newsletter - Education   Societies, Associations, Sport Clubs etc.
Newsletter - Education
If you work for a company that conducts training courses, MultiMailer can be used to send out information about courses and course dates. You can also use the program to send information to students during the courses. Example:
Newsletter - Alpha Courses & Schools
Newsletter - Astronomical Society
Many societies, associations, sport clubs etc. uses MultiMailer to send newsletters, or other information, to their members. The example below shows an example for an astronomical society:
Newsletter - Cygnus Astronomical Society
Newsletter - Software   Price Lists
Newsletter for Software Development Companies
Do you sell software? You can use MultiMailer to send out information about your software, and related topics; for example technical articles, tips etc. You can check our own newsletter for an example:
Newsletter - Information from SamLogic
Price List
You can also use MultiMailer to send out other types of information than newsletters, for example a price list for your products. Below we show an example of a price list that are sent to retailers via e-mail:
Price List - Berry Industries
Christmas Card, and other types of E-cards   A Weekly Food Menu for a Restaurant
Christmas Card
With MultiMailer you can send personalized Christmas cards, and other types of e-cards, to your customers, employees and suppliers. Click on the links below to view some examples:
Christmas card 1 Christmas card 4
Christmas card 2 Christmas card 5
Christmas card 3 New years card
Food Menu for a Restaurant
If you run a restaurant you can use MultiMailer to send out a weekly food menu. This allows you to both inform your current customers about your menu and to find new customers, that have not visited your restaurant yet.
CityHall Restaurant & Cafe
Newsletter Templates
There are many newsletter examples included in MultiMailer, that you can use as a basis for your own newsletters. You can also create and design your own newsletter templates by using the Newsletter Wizard in MultiMailer. Another option is to use free or paid newsletter templates from other sources / websites. You can read where to find newsletter templates in this article:

Free Newsletter Templates for Email Marketing
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