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 SamLogic Newsletter - Summer special - 40 tips for Visual Installer and CD-Menu Creator


20 tips for Visual Installer
20 tips for CD-Menu Creator
Command line parameters (Visual Installer & CD-Menu Creator)
Where to find more tips


To [$Namn],

In this issue of our newsletter you will find lots of links to useful tips for two of our tools: Visual Installer and CD-Menu Creator.

Some of the tips require the latest version of the tool and if you not have it installed, you can download a free trial from this web page:

Download a free trial

Or, if you want to buy a license of the program, click on one of the links to the right ->
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Anders Persson
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Visual Installer is a versatile installation tool that is used by both beginners and experienced developers. Below you will find links to tips that suite both the beginner and the advanced user:


Getting Started With Visual Installer
How to add a shortcut to a program file
How to test an installation before you create it
How to create a self-extracting setup


Setup dialog boxes: How to choose, add text & change image
How to create a desktop shortcut
How to make sure that a shortcut is created for all Win. accounts
How to code sign a setup package
How to install a 64 bit program
How to install a font with Visual Installer
How to prevent an installation in wrong Windows version
How to run a program with administrator rights
How to enable write permission to a Program Files folder
How to write to the Windows Registry
How to create installations in different languages


Visual Installer's Scripting Language
How to install a Windows service using script
How to use the User Options dialog box with script
How to run an MSI installation from script
How to register a .NET assembly


CD-Menu Creator is a feature-rich menu designer tool that can build menus for CDs, DVDs, USB sticks and SD cards. Below you will find links to useful tips that shows how to use many of the functions in the tool:


CD-Menu Creator - Step-by-Step Guide
How to open a PDF document from a menu
CD-Menu Creator’s button commands explained


How to adjust the button's position in the menu window
How to set unique text colors for buttons
How to create button groups with titles
How to open a folder from a menu
How to open a web page from a menu
How to open an Excel File from a menu
How to add social media icons to a menu interface
How you use CD-Menu Creator menu examples as templates
How to use the Picture Gallery
How to use Unicode characters in a menu
How to create a menu interface with 3 columns with buttons
How to make a menu window always stay on the top
How to create a menu interface for a USB flash drive


How to create multiple menus on a CD, DVD and USB stick
How to protect a document with a password
How to use variables in a menu
Using wildcard characters in a file path


Both Visual Installer and CD-Menu Creator supports command line parameters. You can for example start Visual Installer and CD-Menu Creator with a specific project file loaded from start. Or you can run these tools in silent mode and have a setup package or a menu created without any user action. Click on the links below to read more:
Visual Installer's command line parameters
CD-Menu Creator's command line parameters


You can find more tips for Visual Installer and CD-Menu Creator (and our other products) on our blog:

Tips on SamLogic Software Blog

and on the tips sections of our web site:

Tips & tricks for SamLogic Visual Installer
Tips & tricks for SamLogic CD-Menu Creator

Some tips are also available on our YouTube channel:

SamLogic Software on YouTube


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