Paul Allen about Microsoft Windows 8

Paul Allen is a co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, along with Bill Gates, and for a few months he has used and tested a release preview version of Microsoft Windows 8, the latest operating system from Microsoft. He has run the operating system both on a desktop PC and on a tablet (Samsung 700T). In a blog post on his web site he gives us his opinion about the new Windows 8:

> Paul’s take on Windows 8

The blog post also contains some useful tips about how to use Windows 8; for example how to use the new Start screen (that replaces the Start menu) and the Charms bar. If you plan to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8 we recommend you to read this blog post. Paul Allen explains what is good and bad in the new Windows 8.

Start screen

Charms bar

Outlook will replace Hotmail

Microsoft has decided to replace Hotmail with Outlook. The new web based e-mail service Outlook will have a modern Metro style interface and all Hotmail users will be automatically transfered to Outlook.

Current Hotmail user will also be able to keep the domain name in their e-mail address, but new users must choose between or

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Windows 8 will be released in October

Microsoft Windows 8 will be released in the end of October, according to officials from Microsoft. More information is available here:

> RTE News: Microsoft says Windows 8 release due in October
> Computerworld: Windows 8-powered PCs, tablets to launch in late October

During the summer we have worked to adapt our software to Windows 8, and new versions of our programs will be released before October. The new CD-Menu Creator 2012 will be released in July.