CD-Menu Creator: How to always open a DOC file with Word

It is very common to link a button in a menu created with CD-Menu Creator to a document file. One of the most used formats is DOC files (Microsoft Word documents).

In Windows XP and earlier a DOC file can be opened either with WordPad or Word. WordPad has the benefit to be loaded more quickly than Word, and it is always present in Windows. Microsoft Word is a large application, so in a slow computer it can take some time to load the application, so there may be a significant delay before the document is shown. Other disadvantage is that not all computers have Microsoft Word installed.

However, some Word documents require that they are opened with Microsoft Word. They can not be shown correctly with WordPad. That is the case if the Word document is complex and is advanced formatted. Then the only option is to open it with Microsoft Word.

In CD-Menu Creator you can select a setting that makes sure that the DOC file is always opened with Microsoft Word. The steps below show how to achieve this:

1. Start CD-Menu Creator and open the Buttons (text) tab.
2. Click on the Add Button button. The Add Button dialog box is opened.
3. Enter a button text at Text (button).
4. Select the Show Documents command at Command.
5. Press the “…” button and select a DOC file.
6. Select the Open document with Microsoft Word option.

The 'Add Button' dialog box in CD-Menu Creator

7. Click OK to close the dialog box.
8. Create your menu.

When a user clicks on the button that you just added, the DOC file will always be opened with Microsoft Word. If you want the DOC file to be opened with WordPad in Windows XP or earlier, you can unselect the Open document with Microsoft Word option.

In Windows Vista or later, WordPad does not support DOC files anymore. So if your end-user for example uses Windows 7, the document will always be opened with Microsoft Word. If Microsoft Word is not installed, CD-Menu Creator will try to open the document with other software that can read Word documents. But if no such a software is installed in the computer, an information message is shown for the user. However, it is very rare that an end-user can not open Word documents. Almost all computers have some kind of software installed that can open Word documents.

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