The ‘Inst’ column in the ‘File list’ tab in Visual Installer

The File list tab in Visual Installer is used to store a list of files to install. The file table contains different columns, and one of them – the Inst column – is used to show current file copy settings for each file in the file list. A letter or a special character shows which copy setting that are set for every file. Below is a list with available copy settings:

D : Check file date before copying the file.
V : Check version number before copying the file.
N : Never replace an existing file.
W : Replace also a write-protected file.
X : Warn if the file already exists on the hard disk.
A : If the file is in use (active) and locked, replace it when the computer is restarted.
B : Create a backup of the file before it is replaced.
R : Register the file in the system.
P : Write-protect the file after installation.
E : If the version number of the source and destination file is equal, do not copy.
* : Never uninstall this file.

How to change copy settings for the files in file list is explained in this blog post.

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