All binary files in CD-Menu Creator are now SHA-2 code signed

All binary files in CD-Menu Creator 2017 are now code signed using a SHA-2 certificate instead of the older SHA-1 certificate. This will improve the security and reduce the risk for annoying warning messages in Windows. Starting with 2016, Microsoft Windows and web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge etc. started phasing out the support for the older SHA-1 certificate. In February 14th, 2017 the support for SHA-1 will be reduced even more, and in 2020 the support will end.


All binary files in CD-Menu Creator from year of 2015 and older uses the old SHA-1. In 2016 we updated some files to SHA-2 and in this new release all binary files uses SHA-2. If you plan to distribute a menu during 2017, we recommend you to upgrade to CD-Menu Ceator 2017 first and create the menu using the new version of the tool.

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