Visual Installer 2018 has now been released

We have now released a new version of our setup tool SamLogic Visual Installer. The name of the new version is SamLogic Visual Installer 2018 and the version number is 11.5. Some new features in the new version are:

• Supports the latest version of Windows 10.
• Supports Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 and 4.7.1.
• Supports AutoCAD 2018.
• A new function makes it easier to add all files in a folder to Visual Installer’s file list.
• The ‘User Options’ setup dialog box has been updated to also support radio buttons.
• The code signing function now supports USB tokens and EV digital certificates.
• All redistributable binary files are now code signed with an EV digital certificate.
• New script commands has been added to the script language.
• The XRUN script command has been updated to handle more options.
• You can now change the font for Visual Installer’s editor.

A detailed list of new features in Visual Installer 2018 is available on this web page.

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