SamLogic Software on YouTube

SamLogic Software is also present on YouTube. There we have a video channel that contains tip videos, and other types of videos, about our software and related topics.

Below you will find links to some of the videos we have on YouTube:

CD-Menu Creator
> CD-Menu Creator – Step-by-Step (part 1) – How to create a basic menu
> CD-Menu Creator – Step-by-Step (part 2) – How to create a basic menu
> Learn CD-Menu Creator – Add a PDF document to a button in an autorun menu
> Learn CD-Menu Creator – Specify a unique text color for one button in a menu

> Learn MultiMailer: Send your first e-mail newsletter
> Learn MultiMailer: Newsletter Wizard
> Learn MultiMailer: How to add an attachment to a newsletter
> Learn MultiMailer: How to add a contact to the mailing list

More videos
Visit SamLogic Software’s video channel to view more videos!

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