How to install an application / app in Windows 8

A few months ago Microsoft released Windows 8 and software developers had once again a new operating system to take into account for their applications and installation of applications. One big difference from previous Windows version is that there is now two different running environments to consider: an environment for traditional desktop applications (Windows Desktop apps) and one environment for the new simpler touch-optimized apps (Windows Store apps).

Different installation methods
The installation method is very different dependent of you want to install a Windows Desktop app or a Windows Store apps. In the following two articles on our web site we describe how to install an application / app in Windows 8 in both environments:

> How to install a desktop application / desktop app in Windows 8
> How to install a Windows Store app in Windows 8

Note. An “application” and an “app” are the same thing. Since the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has started to call “applications” for “apps” in their documentation. An application that is run on the traditional desktop is named “Windows Desktop app” and an app of the new touch-optimized kind (former Metro-style app) is named “Windows Store app”.

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