How to remove the ‘Windows protected your PC’ message

The “Windows protected your PC” message is displayed by the Windows SmartScreen function in Microsoft Windows 8 when you try to run an application (app) or run a setup package, downloaded from the Internet, that Windows do not recognize, or consider as unsafe. This is to protect you against malicious software (malware) which is very common on the Internet today.

In the informative Windows SmartScreen – Anti-Malware Protection in Windows 8 article on our website we discuss this warning message, and Windows SmartScreen, in detail.

Windows SmartScreen - Windows protected your PC

How to remove the warning message
Although this protection is very good and can prevent that malware is installed in your computer, there may be situations when you want to have this function turned off. If you for example are a software developer and frequently download your newly compiled software from the Internet, this message may be somewhat annoying. But it is possible to turn off Windows SmartScreen and stop this warning message from appearing.

In the following article we show you, step by step, how to disable Windows SmartScreen in Microsoft Windows 8:

> How To Disable / Turn Off Windows SmartScreen in Windows 8

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