Review of SamLogic MultiMailer at FindMySoft

FindMySoft Review - MultiMailerFrederick Barton at the FindMySoft website has written a review of our newsletter marketing software SamLogic MultiMailer:

“Sending newsletters by email is one of the most efficient ways of marketing a product, so it is important to send newsletters to as many potential customers as possible. With SamLogic MultiMailer, you can do much more than send bulk emails. The software enables you to send personalized messages to all recipients, handle subscription requests and more.”

You can read the full review on this page on FindmySoft’s website:
> Review – SamLogic MultiMailer – Send newsletters to any number of recipients

On the web page you will also find a “quick look” video of SamLogic MultiMailer that shows some of the features in the software. The video highlights the way the application looks and works, and shows how to perform basic tasks with it.

Quick look video of SamLogic MultiMailer

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