An update of Visual Installer 2015 is now available

There is now an update of SamLogic Visual Installer 2015 available. The version number is 10.5.16, and some of the news and improvements in this version are:

• The code signing function in Visual Installer now supports SHA-2 and dual code signing (SHA-1 + SHA-2). Windows 7 and later requires SHA-2 for setup packages that are code signed from January 1, 2016 and later. Read more.

• Improved support for Microsoft .NET Framework. Now are also sub versions of .NET Framework supported (for example version 4.5.1, 4.5.2 etc.). And you can let Visual Installer download and install a specific version of .NET Framework, if it is missing in the end-user’s computer. We have added a mini wizard that handles this. Read more.

• Easier to register a type library for a .NET assembly. Read more.

• A new setup dialog box has been added to Visual Installer’s setup wizard: User Options. It’s a general option dialog box where the user can select and unselect options that you have created and added to the installation project. These options co-operates with condition statements in Visual Installer’s scripting language and Visual Installer’s Registry tab. Read more.

• It is now possible to import a VB.NET project that compiles a DLL rather than an EXE file.

• Visual Installer’s scripting language now supports ELSE. Read more.

• Visual Installer now supports environment variables. An environment variable can be expanded during an installation (for example in the Registry tab), and with a new script command, SETENV, that we have added to the script language you can set an environment variable to a specified value.

• The local (right-click) menu in the File list tab has been extended with a new menu item: Add more files from same source folder. This menu command is very useful if you want to add more files to the file list from a previously used folder in the file list. Read more.

How to download the update
If you have Visual Installer 2015 and a 12 months maintenance plan you can download the update from the following download page:

> Download – Visual Installer 2015 – Latest update

If you have an older version of Visual Installer, for example Visual Installer 2014, you can upgrade to the latest version of Visual Installer from this order page:

> Upgrade to Visual Installer 2015

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