Free Email Newsletter Templates

There are many web sites on the Internet that offer free email newsletter templates. The templates can be used for email marketing / email campaigns, or for other purposes. A big advantage of using a ready-made newsletter template is that you will save much time. You don’t need to create a complete newsletter from scratch; you only need to make the changes that are unique for your company, for example adding your company’s logotype. Or maybe adjusting some colors or font sizes in the template.

HTML templates
The templates are mostly created with HTML, but plain text templates are also available. HTML templates are preferable for newsletters because they allow you to include images, colors, different fonts etc. If design is important for you, you should choose an HTML template for your newsletter.

Web sites with free email newsletter templates
If you need to find a well-designed email template you should read this article on our web site:

> Free Newsletter Templates for Email Marketing

There we list some good web sites that offer free email newsletter templates. The web sites also sell newsletter templates, but the price is generally quite low. Some of the web sites also offer to design a tailor-made template just for you or your company.

Compatible with our email software MultiMailer
The newsletter templates on the web sites that we list in the article are compatible with our email software MultiMailer. So if you are a MultiMailer user, you can download the email templates and use them directly in the program.

Compatible with Microsoft Outlook etc.
The newsletter templates are also compatible, and can be edited, with email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. Some of the templates can also be edited with Adobe Photoshop. And if you are a web designer and have installed software like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web, they can be edited also with these programs. Technically, an HTML newsletter template is just an HTML web page.

What is the open rate for my newsletter?

In our e-mail tool MultiMailer 2012 it is possible to see the open rate for a newsletter (or another type of e-mail) that has been sent to the contacts in your mailing list / contact list. An open rate is the number of contacts that open the e-mail compared with the number of e-mails that were sent, and is often expressed as a percentage.

In MultiMailer 2012 you can also view information about your newsletter’s click-through rate (CTR). The click-through rate (also called click rate) is the number of recipients who clicked on one or more links in the e-mail compared with the number of opened e-mails. Also this is often expressed as a percentage.

Open rate and click-through rate reported in various ways
The open rate and click-through rate for newsletters are reported in various ways in MultiMailer. You can for example view the information in graphical charts (diagrams) in the program or let the program create a detailed report for you, which can be viewed in for example Microsoft Excel.

Video tip – What is the open rate for my newsletter?
In this short video tip we will show how to use the chart functions in MultiMailer to view information about open and click-through rates. The tip video also shows how to compare different e-mail deliveries with each other, so you can compare the number of opens and clicks between different mailings.

The video is best viewed in a quality of 480p. You can change the quality of the video by clicking on the symbol shown to the right in the video window (when video is playing). You can also view the video directly on YouTube.