Create a menu interface for a USB stick with USB Menu Creator

USB Menu Creator is a new product from SamLogic Software that can be used to create AutoRun menu interfaces for USB sticks / pen drives. The created menu interface will be opened automatically when the USB stick is plugged into a USB port in the end-user’s computer. From the menu the end-user can start a setup program, run an application, open a document, play a video or Flash animation, open a web page etc.

USB Menu Creator is a special bundle that contains the following three SamLogic programs:

SamLogic CD-Menu Creator – A tool that can be used to design menu interfaces.
SamLogic USB AutoRun Creator – Adds AutoRun capabilities to USB sticks.
SamLogic Image Resizer – Resizes and adapts images for use with menus.

More information
More information about USB Menu Creator is available on the following page:

> USB Menu Creator – Creates AutoRun Menu Interfaces for USB Flash Drive Device

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