Three versions of SamLogic MultiMailer

There are three versions available of MultiMailer 2022: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Below we will describe what the differences are between the three versions of our email / newsletter application:

MultiMailer / Standard: Suited for those who send a few thousands newsletters per month and do not need statistics and analysis functions.

MultiMailer / Professional: Suited for those who send up to 50 000 newsletters per month and who needs powerful functions for statistics and analysis.

MultiMailer / Enterprise: Suited for those who send up to 500 000 newsletters per month and/or want to install MultiMailer on a server. Functions for statistics and analysis are included.

Prices and Order
If you want to see the prices of the different versions, or if you want to make an order, you can visit the following web page:
> Order – SamLogic MultiMailer

More information
> SamLogic MultiMailer 2022 – Features (Standard / Professional / Enterprise)

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